Tuesday, August 10, 2010

David Whitaker announces support for job bill now before U.S. Congress

David Announces Support for Jobs Bill

We sent out this press release today to media across the Third District announcing our support for Democrats fighting for jobs across the country. Washington needs to put middle-class families first - and remember that teachers, firefighters, and policemen make up the backbone of our communities.

FAYETTEVILLE - David Whitaker, Democratic candidate for US Congress in the Third District of Arkansas, announced today his support for the jobs bill presented by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

During these uncertain times, it is no time to be playing politics with people's jobs - especially those who put their lives on the line every day as police officers and firefighters, and certainly not those who educate our children," Whitaker said.

He continued, "If I were in Washington right now, the people of Arkansas could count on me to be a strong supporter of local infrastructure, first responders, and educators. These people are the very foundation of our cities and communities, and they deserve our support when times get tough."

The proposal passed the Senate last week with bipartisan support from the Democratic caucus and moderate Republicans. Having been modified from its original House form, it must now return to that chamber for a final vote.

Whitaker explained,"This piece of legislation is an example of how government can and should be able to help in times of trouble. My opponent embraces the Republican obstructionism that we've seen in recent years, and would continue the tradition of do-nothing Washington politics."

It is unclear whether the Republican nominee would support the job-saving legislation that would inject $10 billion into state education budgets and $16 billion for preventing Medicaid shortfalls next year. He claims to "be a strong advocate for measures like wise infrastructure investment," but asserts that government spending gets in the way of "the capital businesses need."

"My opponent's silence on the jobs bill pretty much sums up his stance on job creation, fixing our economy, and whether he would put working people or big business first. Our country needs leaders, not politicians," Whitaker said.

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